Before writing think twice about your dissertation elements

The students life the education tours and family tours are important. The tours are important for the students development. The every school is conducting at least a one tour into an academic year. The all students are very like the travelling. All are enjoy large to the every trip. The all students are watching and understanding the all things. The watching is a good method for learning. They are learned everything directly. For example a student taking a flower; that student will understanding the all details about that flower directly by touching, smelling, test, etc. they are easy to understand about that flower. The watching is more suitable for studying, compared to the book reading. Because the students are only reading the lessons at the time of book reading, but the direct watched items are not forgot they are store into the memory. The students are more interested for the school picnic.

There are thousands of beautiful places are providing all over the world. The different places contain its own importance, likes historical importance and giving importance to culture, arts, sports, constructions, etc. for example, the Taj mahal, Eiffel tower, Machu picchu, Great wall of china, Colosseum, Ladakh, etc are some of the world famous tourist places. These all places are famous for a particular fact. So to conducting the tour for such places are more suitable for the students for learning. All are like tours very much. The travelling is a good habit, it is good for our health and mind, that at the travelling time learned and understanding the different things, to learning the different cultures and other facts and it is a good treatment for the mind refreshing.

The all students are likes for travel with her friends and family. But most of the students are like for traveling with her friends. The main reason for this matter is that, the students are very closer to friends, they are sharing the all topics with the friends, but the students are not sharing the all personal matters with her parent. The friends are only the closer person to the all students. They are sharing the all matters, so the students are more interested for living with her friends. The school tour is a good activity. It is more helpful to the teachers and students that is they are easy to understand the all teachers and students behavior mutually; the students are learn the different culture, dressing, and other different facts, all are enjoy and feels very happy and there is no tension and stress are occur, the mind is refreshed, the tour memory is the very sweet and more liked memories to the all person. Today all schools and the colleges are conducting the trips. All hours into the tour give the different ideas and memories. The tour is also good for the personal development of the students. The all students are learning some of the values like the co-operation, helping mentality, compassion, honesty. The tour is also change the students vision. Another importance is the drawing students and the writing students are get the different ideas for writing and drawing. To conducting the tour are good but it also contain some problems. That is, the teachers are given good instruction to the students, by the health, discipline, etc. otherwise occur some problems related to both the students and the teachers. So the safety is more important for the picnic. The picnic is good for the students. It is more helpful to the students for different situation. The one day tour is more suitable for the primary leveled students. The long tour is only safe for the large students. The discipline and safety are important for the tour.