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Day by day we are introducing and familiarizing new technologies and equipments in our life. In this century we are mostly supporting technologies in our life. Technologies are made positive and negative impact on life, but totally we can say technologies are good for life. We got a lot advantages using the technologies, especially in our industrial and production area. We built a new business world with help of technologies, our production increased and work will easy to do. At the same time, technologies made a lot good development in education field. We did more changes and development in education field. Now humans are improved a lot and the made changes in communication area. Fifteen years back, we had more limitation in communication. Communication took more time if we keep long distance. Today totally it changed; we can communicate with anybody face to face with help of our technologies. But we here to discuss about students’ career development with basis of technologies are social Medias. Present days we are using many kinds of social Medias, as student try to how to use these social Medias for your career development. All are giving their response through social Medias and they used the social Medias to know new development and news. You can use these technologies and social Medias to build a good career; here you will know how to build it.

Improved knowledge and skill
Students are improved their knowledge and skill using new technologies. Before ten years, we can see only blackboard in the classroom but know it totally changed. Now we are using computers, and LCD projectors, etc in the classroom. Teachers are demonstrating how to do tasks and study with help of technologies. Students are getting more practical class in classroom. The internet service is very useful to all kinds of people; especially students are using mostly the social Medias and internet service. We can see many education sites at online. The all kinds of education sites are providing services for help you. If you have doubts on any subjects, simply Google it. This way you can improve the knowledge. Also many online websites are providing facilities to improve your skills. Students check their knowledge and skills suing online quiz competitions sites, so improving knowledge become easier when using new technologies.

Giving more opportunities
Career is very important in every one life. If you have no opportunities, there is no value of your abilities and knowledge. Everyone needs a platform to express their abilities. The technologies increased the count of opportunities. After education all students are move into job searching. Searching a job not easy, earlier period we need to cover more steps to apply a job in foreign country. But know, through social medias we get more opportunities from foreign country. All companies made the profile in social Medias and they have websites at online. So students find opportunities very easily through social media.

Become easier to do work
Students get ability to do the tasks without teacher support. All information and steps are published in online. The online sources like Google scholar, and YouTube, etc are best online teachers for students. Also using technologies students completing their task more quickly, like they are using computer and other sources for calculating and researching.

Increased the level of creativity
When we are doing a task, it must occur with your creativity. All are, especially teachers are expecting creativity from your side. Our work should keep some difference from others, that way everyone’s eyes striking on your work. Practice, passion on the work, and skill are important factors to build the creativity in your works. Students can utilize the new technologies to improve their creativity.

New thoughts
Technologies and social media have some negative points. These may cause to get down your career. The social media activities very important do not use it with less knowledge. The technologies create a lot lazy people in our society. They just participate and play in game activities. Students are mostly involved in games activities. We need fun, but we have control in our fun. Also try to use the technologies are for good things, we heard a lot of negatives incidents in our world. Still many people are misusing the technologies, so keep attention when you are involving and using social Medias and technologies.