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The physical and mental strength in students' life is an important topic today. The physical activities are boost the growth and it improving the physical and mental health of the students. In students' health the physical activities are more important. Many researches shows the new generation children's are facing more dangerous disease. The main reason for this problem is that decrease of the physical activities. Today most of the students' are playing the mobile games or chatting with her friends nobody can going to playing the playground. The main solution of this problem is motivated the students, and teaching the importance of the physical activities in our life, also support the non-curricular activities of the students, that is participation of sports (football, cricket, hand ball, etc), group works.

The physical activities are more important in a students' life, it improves the students' body fitness, mental fitness. Now the students facing major problem is stress. That is to feeling lack of concentration, not interested to studying, feeling not healthy, not interested to food, etc are some of the indication of the stress. The main reason for this problem is the students' life style. To doing exercises are decreases the students' problems like stress, anxiety, and depression. Because the exercises are improving the students' health and showing all students are well happy.

A healthy student is well-rested and all are show mentally sharp. The physical activities are improving the students' skills, like reading, writing, memorization, solving of arithmetic problems, etc. And also improves the social skills. That is the students learn the leadership methods, co-operation with others, team works and management of time. Now most of the parents restricted the extracurricular activities, all are aiming only the academic result. It increases the students' stress and other mental problems. The playing games are giving positive energy for the students body and mind. Some games like swimming, cycling, football, and cricket are structured games, playing of like these game help students concentration and supporting the sharp thinking.

The benefits of playing in students' life are- Give positive energy for different competitions, Making the students more disciplined, knowing the term unity by doing group works, It keeps the students body more fit and good shaped, Increasing the students confidents, and changing the students' physical and mental strength more strong.

The use of computer, mobile phones, video games, or other devices makes the students' not active in their life. The parents are support the participation in physical activities and sports. And giving support to playing the sports games, And including the physical education as a period in all classes and to teach its importance.

The advantages physical activities are

These are the advantages of doing physical activity. The physical activities are not sport only. The exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi and other team works are also including the physical activity. These all are improving the students' physical and mental strength. So support the students by playing games and making the physical exercises are part of students' life.

The students' physical fitness is improved by doing the exercises. The mind exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi are reducing the students' stress, and increasing the flexibility, energy, strength. The physical exercise like jogging, walking, bicycling are improving the aerobic fitness, and weight lifting, push-up are improving the total performance, and preventing by injury, and improving the body composition, self image. The stretching and warm-up improves the flexibility.